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Michael D. Cohen, Pursuing Your Dreams at All Costs, While Fully Living Authentically to Get There

Sophie Santos, Finding Your True Voice After Spending Most of Your Life Trying to Fit In

Max Harwood and Lauren Patel, A Deeper Dive into Creating Amazon’s Movie, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Alexandra Grey, Follow Your Dreams to Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

Justin Mikita, Paving the Way for LGBTQIA+ Equality Across the Globe

River Gallo, Finding Their Own Voice and Creating Dynamic Intersex Narratives

Mack Beggs, Finding Yourself in Sports and Trans-Inclusion in Athletics

Dr. Kristin Beasley, Overcoming Trauma and Building Resilience

Harma Hartouni, Finding Purpose and Success Through Life’s Challenges

Anjali Rimi, Uplifting South Asian Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People

Jeff Miller, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life with Intuition as Your Guide

Dr. Jesus Hernandez-Burgos, aka Yeveah Altieri, Inspiring Others from Puerto Rican Drag Pageants to Healthcare in Washington, D.C.

Ryan Cassata, God Loves Us Living Out Our Truth

Nicki ‘Faith’ Turner, Facilitating Access Into Transformative Housing

Jeffrey Masters, An Entrepreneur in Storytelling

Kalyela Josephs, ‘Coach Kay,’ Embracing Your Spirituality and Sexuality

Matthias Roberts, Moving Beyond Shame and into a Healthy Sex Life

Eric Marcus, Uncovering Gay History

Alysse Dalessandro Santiago, Is Ready to Stare

Stan ‘JR’ Zerkowski, Faith, Self-Discovery, and Service in the Catholic Church

Alex Thompson, Building Bridges in Humanity

Bodhi Calagna, Music, Healing, and Becoming the Most Epic Remix of Yourself

Channyn Lynne Parker, Identity, Worthiness, and the Unity in Humanity

Jared Lipscomb, Asking for Help and Helping Others

Brandon Wolf, Insisting on Creating a Better World

Anthony Navarro, Celebrating Life Experiences and Flourishing Through Pain

Bob Kiser, Create the Life of Your Dreams

Lisa Cordileone, What We Are Capable of and Finding Our Purpose

Seven Graham, Turning Your Pain Into Gold

Rodney Wilson, Walking in Truth Throughout History

Michelle Ceglia, Following Your Dreams

Sam Ong, The Journey of Awakening Through Looking Inward to Find Self Acceptance

Armand Fields, Finding Yourself and Honoring Your Divine Energies

Aurora Sexton, Pursuing Your Passion

Akeem Woods, Life on Tour and Unexpected Friendships

An Introduction to Talk Out Loud