About the Show

The Mission

Talk Out Loud is a podcast where the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, ally plus community has center stage to tell their stories.

Through sharing our experiences we celebrate accomplishments and learn from one another.

Together we become empowered and reminded that anything is possible.

What to Expect

We discuss topics ranging from coming out, to sexuality, gender, race, agency, spirituality, letting go of fear, embracing your dreams, love, relationships, confidence, bridging gaps between people, enlightenment, and much more.

Each episode features a new guest that brings a unique perspective from their life where we hope that you may hear a resemblance of your story in theirs.

About the Hosts

Jeff Miller


Jeff has a deep love for stories. It began with his father reading to him before bed as a kid. Then as a teenager, he would dream all school year about magical nights under the stars at summer camp in Michigan listening to people tell their stories. About the same time the AIDS epidemic was at its peak and the narrative he was hearing about what it meant to be gay was being told by non-queer voices. As a closeted adolescent growing up in Indiana he felt hopeless and doomed about what his future looked like and was sent to conversion therapy after trying to come out. Soon after, he realized he had to escape and find a place where he could be honest about who he was so he spent the next years in Miami and Chicago.

Throughout his journey he has met so many inspiring LGBTQIA+ people who have helped him achieve the life he has today. His passion is reclaiming the narrative by celebrating stories from the LGBTQIA+ community through podcasts and live events with Talk Out Loud.

Anthony Navarro


From a young age, Anthony has had a passion for lifting up others. He learned from the inspirational women in his life that giving your time and energy to other people can be truly rewarding. His mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were living examples of this, successful women, who loved people and took their passions and turned them into reality.

Anthony always had a creative flair and at the age of 25, he started on a journey as an entrepreneur as an event planner. As times were evolving, his business did as well and Anthony became an industry leader on how to support the LGBTQIA+ community when it came to planning their weddings. Anthony has worked with a ecletic mix of couples to plan their over the years, where he thrived and loved the creative process in coming together to create these moments for them. It was a moment that Anthony thought would not be possible for him or any of his friends in the community.

Anthony was one of the Co-Founders of an organization called STAND UP for Equality which rallied the wedding community to support to legalize marriage equality in the state of Illinois.

Now, his efforts are focused on producing live events and content to drive Talk Out Loud and making it possible to share stories on a global platform.