June 2, 2021


Mack made history when he went undefeated to win the Texas State women’s wrestling championship in 2018. He identifies as male but as a result of a ruling by Texas’ University Interscholastic League, he was required to compete with the team aligned with the sex stated on his birth certificate. He now amplifies his story to help create understanding and dialogue for the next generation of athletes.

Today Mack shares about his personal spiritual journey since high school in self-acceptance, learning noble universal life truths, and healthy boundaries. We also learn why he was inspired to change majors in college from exercise science to psychology focusing on human development and social change in the world.

Just in time for Pride month, Changing the Game, the Hulu Original Documentary, debuts following Mack and three other high school transgender athletes all at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives, and their unique paths as transgender teens.

Photo Credit: Ben O’Neil

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