March 17, 2021


Dr. Jesus walks us through his journey in life as what it was like growing up in the countryside of Puerto Rico. Having a solid foundation from his family and rustic roots, he moved into bigger cities later in his life. Facing challenges, hardships, and a family tragedy, he found a passion for the art of drag as Yeveah Altieri, which helped him travel all over the world. All the while he was finishing his Doctoral program to become an Epidemiologist, which would take him to Washington, D.C. to work for the Federal Government. 

You can also listen to his podcast, ¡Ya! con Yeveah Altieri on all major platforms.

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Dr. Jesus Hernandez-Burgos, aka Yeveah Altieri, Inspiring Others from Puerto Rican Drag Pageants to Healthcare in Washington, D.C.


Author: Leon Gordis.