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About Talk Out Loud

Talk Out Loud is a podcast where the LGBTQIA+ Community has center stage to tell their stories. Through sharing our experiences we celebrate accomplishments and learn from one another. Together we become empowered and reminded that anything is possible.

Latest Episodes

Michael D. Cohen, Pursuing Your Dreams at All Costs, While Fully Living Authentically to Get There

Sophie Santos, Finding Your True Voice After Spending Most of Your Life Trying to Fit In

About the Hosts

Jeff Miller and Anthony Navarro are the co-creators and co-hosts of Talk Out Loud. They both come from different backgrounds but together make a great team and share a passion for inspiring people. Jeff and Anthony are not only creative partners but also married.

Jeff takes the lead on generating content and programming, while Anthony takes point on producing each episode.

Talk Out Loud is a dynamic platform where Jeff and Anthony share each guest’s story and craft a unique experience for those listening.

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